We have skilled experts to provide you with a professional film or slide scanning solution. Do you have old photos, film or slides with valuable memories on them? We can scan them to digital media at resolutions up the equivalent of a 60MP camera if you require.

We provide a free pick up service for pensioners or for a small fee to those who just need the convenience. Home or Office.

This service is costed on an individual case basis taking into consideration:

  • the resolution required
  • the film or slide condition
  • any repairs or retouching required
  • dust and scratch removal
  • the file format required (archival 64 bit tiff, 24 bit tiff, jpg)
  • Slide cleaning

Most dust and minor scratches can be removed at no cost, however, heavy dust, scratches, lint, mold or surface wear of the media requires specialist digital repair. For slides with older deteriorated mounts we will suggest a strip down, clean and remount. We cannot scan a slide with significant deterioration without a strip and remount as it would render our equipment useless if we were to forego this process. In general, the vast majority of slides will not require this.

Phone us to discuss your requirements.